Colwell & Partners is an executive search company for the creative industry that was born out of a fundamental belief that the creation and development of effective teams delivers sustainable business advantage.

Our comprehensive knowledge of the creative communications industry, coupled with a proven track record of delivering outstanding team players, ensures that you get the perfect answer to your individual brief.

When we put talented individuals forward for a position, it’s because we know that they will fit into the team and that it will be the right cultural fit. As we always take the time to ask the right questions about who they’ll be working alongside, we get the casting right.

With over 20 years of creative industry relationships, detailed industry understanding and a proven headhunting track record, we provide consultation across a spectrum of organisational issues and challenges.


We have a simple belief.

It’s based on countless examples in many fields but nowhere better expressed than in the world of sport: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

Whilst star players can have a short-term impact, we believe that it is the creation of teams which builds long-term sustainable business advantage for companies, and rewarding careers for individuals.

Everything we do is designed to go beyond the brief to find people who work competently within their own space but disproportionately more effectively in teams.

When we approach a brief we don’t just look for experience and ability. We also look for someone that can bring something extra to the team. It could be a different way of thinking. It could be a new way of doing things. It could be the right kind of personality.

Whatever it is, we look for that difference because we want you to consistently win championships, not a few games, here and there.


Ours is a relationship business and with Colwell & Partners comes a wealth and depth of relationships, as well as a strong track record of completing searches and delivering outstanding team players.

We have spent most of our careers developing, observing and being involved with many different kinds of teams; with brand owners, with creative agencies and with external stakeholders both in the UK and internationally.

We believe that team dynamics come before individual ambition. We manage people not titles. We listen first and advise second.

Within our own team we are all Partners. No one person is more valuable to Colwell & Partners than any other. We all have an equally important
role to play.


The path that led me into headhunting and to founding Colwell & Partners included working at two of the UK’s largest advertising agencies, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and Grey London, and also client-side at the BBC. During this time I was mentored by, and learnt from, outstanding leaders and was part of strong and effective teams. This experience, knowledge and insight proved invaluable when I moved into Executive Search and headhunting, and is at the heart of our approach to briefs at Colwell & Partners.

Founding Partner | +44 7710 338 627 | caroline@colwellandpartners.com | LinkedIn

Applying insights and observations from time spent working in advertising agencies shaped my approach as a headhunter. I worked in some of the most successful advertising agencies in North America and the UK (Cossette, Leo Burnett, JWT, CHI). It was at these agencies where I saw how effective genuine team work can be. I use my deep rooted passion and interest in people to help strategic talent find them their dream team and a rewarding career. Colwell & Partners recognise the power of collaboration; that moment when a group becomes a team and the magic happens.

Partner | +44 7909 567 707 | jenn@colwellandpartners.com | LinkedIn

Having previously worked with Caroline for 7 years, I joined Colwell & Partners to help creative businesses find the best strategic solutions to building effective teams. Before joining I built up 10 years’ experience in headhunting and then a couple of years client-side, so I’ve seen first-hand how powerful teams play an integral role in driving the success and sustainability of business.

Partner | +44 7540 476 919 | shrijana@colwellandpartners.com | LinkedIn

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